Fenix Glas BV

Groothandel voor glasinlood & fusing

Fenix Glass BV, Wholesale for fusing and stained glass

Open from Monday till Friday  9.00 - 17.00 hour, Saturday 11.00 - 13.00 hour.

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 Fenix wholesale for stained glass

Fenix Glas BV is a wholesale company based in the Netherlands (Hilvarenbeek) and supplies all materials for stained glass and glass fusing. We stock all products from coloured glass manufacturers such as Spectrum Glass, Lamberts Glass, SCHOTT, Wissmach and Uroboros. All coloured and structured glass for stained glass.

Fenix also supplies lead came from Stillemans and Cascade for stained glass. Other products are machines, Tools and supplies for creative glass working. Ofcourse all at a very competitive price level. 


Wholesale for glasfusingGlas-fusing bij Fenix glas

For fusing we stock Bullseye glass and from System96 Spectrum & Uroboros glass, als for glass products like Dichroic, powders, frits, confetti and stringers is fenix Glas your wholesale supplier. 

Als Ook werken wij aan een ruim assortiment van bijbehorende materialen zoals fusing papier, shelf primer, mallen en andere  hulpmiddelen en gereedschappen die u nodig heeft voor glasfusing. 


Fenix Glas BV
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Tel:: +31 (0)13 590 90 37


Fenix Glas BV does not sell to private persons, only companies with a valit VAT number will be accepted.